A Cool (Not) Dry Place

Hi Darling Ones,

I don’t know if this social media phenomenon happens everywhere, or if it’s unique to the Twin Cities area. Or maybe it’s a particular trait found in the people I follow on social media.

Anyway, my very favorite thing on social media is when we have some sort of striking weather event and you find everyone sharing pictures of it on Instagram or Twitter.

I love this so much. I love how full-ass grownups still marvel at the world so much they have to share its beauty with everyone. I’m not even kidding, if there’s a purpley-orange sunset or a rainbow in South Minneapolis you can bet your sweet bippy you’ll find at least a dozen (I don’t follow a ton of people) photos of it on social media.

Hell, I did it myself the other day with the pink sky. Apparently, I was the only person on earth to witness that sky because I saw zero other pictures in my feeds.

Today was one of those days where everyone in the Twin Cities shared beautiful pictures of the 13ish inches of snow we got the past two days. And, come on, how can you not be moved by people sharing the beauty of something that is such a giant pain the ass?

My picture, posted above, is mostly mediocre. They can’t all be winners, right?

While I’m talking about things I love, here are some other current loves.

  • Cherry Blossom tea. Do I love Harney teas because they are the best? Or do I love them because they come in beautiful tins useful for storing Atomic Fireballs? The world will never know. I’m still kind of shocked that I’ve become a tea (after my daily cup of coffee) person.
  • Katy Kirby. I’m way, way late to her 2021 record “Cool Dry Place,” which I stumbled upon late in 2022. The titular song hooked me after I heard it on some random Spotify playlist. Since fall was so rough, it took me awhile to get back to the entire record. Once I did I feel head over heels, and lucky me, I got a copy for Christmas. It’s a spare, beautiful record and if you like that sort of thing, give it a try.. I have to listen to the entire thing at least once every day or I can’t function.
  • Tator Tot Hotdish. This is blasphemy, but hotdishes in general are not my thing. They usually look & taste like glop. I’ve had tator tot hotdish exactly one other time in my life December 2012) and it was underwhelming. However, with the snow coming down and a bunch of leftover cheese (different from the cheese in the cheese drawer) to use up, I gave this another shot. I freestyled my way through this using peppers and garlic, and serving it with a healthy swirl of Sriracha. Perfect dinner for a snow storm (and for snow storm day 2: electric boogaloo lunch).

That’s all for now. Love,

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  1. John Reinert Nash 04.Jan.23 at 7:45 pm

    Photos of patio tables as mushrooms? I am so here for it.


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