On hiatuses & hats

So I took an unplanned hiatus from the Internet last week. I didn’t set out to ignore the place for seven entire days, but that’s what happened and I’m all the happier for it. I’m kind of a bitter jaded cynic by nature and spending as much time on the Internet as I do tends to make me dwell in the worst parts of my personality — the condescending, short-tempered, incredulous parts.

This break has been delightful and girded my soul a bit, thickened my skin. My family might disagree since I unleashed all my bitchiness on them. That’s what family’s for right? Also, I stayed away from the Internet because I needed two entire days to recover from Sister #4’s visit. I have a hard time coping with extended invasions of Supergenius HQ. I’m pretty sure I’ll attempt to murder her 847 times when she’s here for ten days over Christmas Break. Yes, I’ve already started bitching about that. TEN DAYS? We might need a Christmas miracle to survive that. Also, those ten days culminate with the traditional Very St. Martin Christmas hosted by me at my house which involves a ridiculous number of aunts and uncles and cousins and nephews and sisters cramming my small home so full that nobody can move which is the best part because they can’t really roam about discovering what a shitty housekeeper I am.

Anyway, while on hiatus I fully indulged my newest obsession: hat making. That’s right bitches, I learned to crochet hats. All hail YouTube videos. I originally taught myself to crochet right after college the winter I was bored and unemployed. I read three chapters in a book called Teach Yourself to Crochet in 24 hours and promptly set about making stripey afghans for everyone I knew. All I could do was stripes, because that’s all I read in the book before decided I knew all I needed to know. This set the precedent for that time I learned how to make an animated gif, read four chapters in HTML for Dummies, and decided I knew enough to make a website.

So yeah, hats. I’ve completed five so far (and four scarves). They are full of awesome and my entire family is getting one for Christmas.

How was your Thanksgiving break? Full of thanks and giving?

Oh. I almost forgot. Part of the reason for the hiatus is that I moved to a new web host. I have to admit I was absolutely terrified. I’ve been with the same host for most of I Will Dares 11-year life. But, it wasn’t nearly the pain in the ass that I thought it would be, which makes me think that something exploded and I just haven’t realized it yet. So if you see something wonkier than usual, let me know.

Oh, and another thing. I tried the Christmas-themed Dots. They are a whole box of not goodness. Beware. Approach with caution.

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  1. yourboo 04.Dec.11 at 3:02 am

    “the condescending, short-tempered, incredulous parts”

    actually, those parts are the whole. you ARE condescending and short-tempered. such a waste of a human.


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