Hey Darling Ones,

I get super bitter whenever I follow a recipe to the letter and it turns out mediocre to bad. Usually when the food I make turns out not-so-great I blame my own hubris. I like to read half a recipe and then use the knowledge I’ve gained from watching every season of Top Chef multiple times to think I know what I’m doing. This works out a surprising number of times. I’m a good cook with pretty decent instincts.

Tonight I decided to kick-off #LegumesOfTheFall, the follow up to #BarsOfSummer. My inaugural legume dish was a pea and radish salad. Peas and radishes are my two favorite vegetables. I eat a lot of radishes. I buy them every single week. I put them on salads and sandwiches and tacos and ramen and blarp.* I eat them raw with some salt.

It should have been made of win.

And yet, and yet, and yet, despite following the recipe exactly, despite dressing those delicious veggies with a vinaigrette that featured horseradish and dijon mustard, despite the green onions, despite everything this salad was a bummer. How dare this recipe not live up to my expectations?

Don’t worry, though, Darling Ones, I won’t let one failure stop me. I have big plans for #LegumesOfTheFall. I want to try those bougie Rancho Gordo beans everyone is always raving about. I’m gonna make feijoada, split pea soup, and banana bread with peanut butter because peanuts are legumes.

I kind of love this project. It gives me something new to research and, even better, it means I have to do less thinking about what to make for dinner which is the constant bane of my existence.

In other news, I have zero thoughts about the death of the queen. I decided to opt out of that nonsense a long time ago. The British monarchy lives in the big bucket of crap I don’t care about along with Hobbits, Hamilton, and professional sports.

In still other news, work is continuing to kick my ass. I got a lot of thoughts stacking up for the moment things ease up at the end of the month.


P.S. I saw the movie “Legend of the Fall” in theaters back when I was in college and I hated it. I was the only girl in our little ladies night out group who thought it was ridiculous. I’m a little bitter about that too.

*Blarp is a dish I make when I’m lazy. It includes rice, meat, and veggies prepared with either Asian or Mexican flavors. It’s basically the summer version of soup.

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