The Replacements’ Top 10 Songs According to Spotify Listeners

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Still working really hard on distracting myself from grief while simultaneously procrastinating from actual paying work. I’m so good at this I could call myself a life coach and start charging for these kinds of life hacks.

Today in pointless garbage I spent a lot of time thinking about we have The Replacements. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. I’ll get back to this in a minute.

Also today we had a new episode of the one (1) podcast I listen to. It’s called 60 Songs that Explain the 90s. I’m a little behind because some of the songs I do not care about, and sometimes, despite his best efforts, my Imaginary Boyfriend Rob Harvilla gets a little too dude-y in his dudeness. Like there was an episode recently where he talked endlessly about video games and the guest was also a dude and I almost died.

But today, Imaginary Boyfriend Rob Harvilla, made it up to me with the episode featuring the 75th song that explains the 90s, “Zombie” by The Cranberries. This one is not my favorite The Cranberries song, I’m team “Linger.” But this is Sister #2’s favorite so I got some residual affection for it. In this episode Rob Harvilla talked about both Ferris Bueller, the game Masterpiece , and being tall. I was gonna say we were now imaginary married, but even in my imagination I do not want that.

In the episode he talked about how “Zombie” had nearly 1 billion listens on Spotify, which was shocking to me. It had way more than both “Linger” and “Dreams.”

That got me thinking about what the most listened to ‘Mats’ songs were. So I looked and I’m a little surprised but not much. Before I get to the Top 10, I will let you know that “Gimme Noise” is the least listened to song with only 102,965 listens.

For transparency sake, I only checked standard studio albums, Sorry Ma through All Shook Down. There were a bunch of the live songs on all those reissues that had 0 listens.

So. hold your life, here’s the kinda surprising but not totally list of Top 10 Most Listened to The Replacements’ Songs on Spotify.

  1. Swingin’ Party — 26,208,160 This song at #1 is obviously due to the Lorde cover from awhile back.
  2. Androgynous — 17,718,282 I bet this one rates high because of the Joan Jett cover.
  3. Can’t Hardly Wait — 14,711,853 Frankly, should be #1
  4. Alex Chilton — 13,922,953
  5. Bastards of Young — 13,853,071 Should be #2
  6. Here Comes a Regular — 8,512,862
  7. I Will Dare — 8,332,721 Rude, Spotify users.
  8. Unsatisfied — 6,214,722
  9. I’ll Be You — 3,584,389 This was the only ‘Mats song to make the Billboard Hot 100 at 51. So not surprised it’s on the list, but shocked it’s above Left of the Dial.
  10. Left of the Dial — 3,442,950 Should be at least top 5

For the record my personal Top 5 ‘Mats’ songs list goes something like this:

  1. I Will Dare
  2. Can’t Hardly Wait
  3. If Only You Were Lonely
  4. Skyway
  5. Here Come’s a Regular

At least that was a list I sent to a friend last week after putting 15 seconds of thought into it.

So, the moral of this long rambling story is Spotify listeners have awful taste and also, I am right.


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