the rolling stones, the replacements, elvis costello and random spoojing

did i forget to mention how i totally wanted to hump whomever was playing the jukebox at grumpy’s on thursday night? whoever put their money in the record machine was serving up a nice mix of The Replacements (Nobody, Alex Chilton, Here Comes a Regular), Elvis Costello, AND AND AND The Rolling Stones!

i know! clearly random record-player is my one true soulmate.

i kept turning to mike, “this is the rolling stones, right?”
“yes,” he’d say.

a few minutes later.

“this is elvis costello, right?”

“oh!” i’d say, and tap him on the thigh or shoulder. “this is the replacements.” then i’d shake my head at him.

then a few minutes later. “this is the rolling stones, right?”
“i think it’s funny that you have to keep asking,” he said.
“well, i just want to make sure that it’s what i’m actually hearing. . . because if whomever this is plays ‘dead flowers’ you’re coming with me while i ask every single person in the bar if they’re playing the jukebox. when i find the right one, i’ll get down on bended knee and propose.”

sadly, there were no dead flowers or marriage proposals. but as we were leaving the vodo asked me if i had an iPod. which was just the wrong question because i spent the whole walk over to the open book spoojing in a total fan-girl way about how i love my iPod and the replacements and paul westerberg.

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