Today I Deleted Two Exclamation Points & Other Tales of Derring-Do

Hello Darling Ones,

Earlier this week I read a frustrating and puzzling true crime book about a 50+ year-old murder at Harvard. The entire time I read the book I kept shouting, inside my head, “NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR PROCESS.” Most of the book is the author’s process of getting to know everyone involved in the mystery. It’s weird.

Clearly, the author was not familiar with Dolly Parton’s book Songteller where Dolly talks about how her husband of a bajillion years doesn’t even care about her process.

Now that I go back and read that post from January it seems I’m writing the exact same post. God, I hate when I repeat myself so hard. It’s like I only have six thoughts and all I’ve done is remix the shit out of them for the past twenty-one years.

So. . . anyway, what else has been going on in this joint?

  • I had a dream the other night that I went to work at The Nerdery again and they were all super pissed at me because I forgot to show up for the past twelve years.
  • I’m having The Youths & The Olds over for dinner tomorrow night and I spent most of the day making potato salad while intermittently writing and reading Fallopian Rhapsody.
  • The writing was good today. I killed so many darlings and two exclamation points.
  • I turned most of my clocks back an hour already and now I’m truly living in the past. It’s not that great here. I hope the future is rad! For some reason I’m convinced I will forget to turn my clocks back before I go to bed and then, I don’t know, there will be chaos in the morning.
  • During CSA on Thursday, BFK and I decided there are two kinds of heterosexual men on this planet: those who care about your orgasm and those who do not. We both prefer the former and agreed that sometimes they care too much.
  • In very good news to me, I got my Sister Club Game gift today. After hunting for months on eBay I found a red hobnail glass candy dish like my Grandma Chromey kept on her coffee table when we were kids. It is excellent.
  • I put flannel sheets on my bed this morning and all I’ve wanted to do is crawl back into it all damn day. I’m going to try sleeping with a top sheet again, after banishing it a few years ago. I am wild and crazy. I live on the bleeding edge.

Well, I can’t promise I’ll have any interesting thoughts any time soon, but if I do you’ll be the first to know it.

Jodi A. Chromey

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