Cutie with a Big Booty & Other Hits

Hi Darling Ones,

Yesterday I got a wonderful email from my largehearted friend, David. He asked me if my next two records were going to be called “Sing it, Chromes” and “Songs for Wendell.” He also said some nice things about my writing which makes me all moony-faced and starry-eyed with happiness.

I responded to tell him I was stealing his idea.

Sweet Georgia Breezes’ next record feature songs lead singer Jodi Chromey originally sang to her cat on a near daily basis. The sixteen songs written by Chromey will be released on the 33rd of July on 160-gram vinyl and a fan-club only mixtape version featuring hand-lettering by the multi-talented singer.


01. A Cat Named Wendell — this one includes the lyrics “Your name is Wendell Woo. How do you do?” It’s based on the Johnny Cash song.
02. I Have to Work (Capitalism Sucks)
03. Cherry Stealer
04. Hey, That’s My Cherry
05. I Will Never Call You My Fur Baby
06. Hey, That’s My Pen
07. Keep Your Paws Off My Donut Hole
08. Cutie with a Big Booty
09. We Are Never Gettin’ Out of This Bed (a duet)
10. Do You Gotta Be Such a Cocksucker All the Time? (Please Knock it Off)
11. Get Down From There, You Dick
12. Why Don’cha Get Off the Coffee Table Before You Knock Over That Lavender
13. PowerPoint is the Devil (Please Lord Help Me)
14. I Love it When You Clean Yourself in My Arms, Not Really
15. Why Ya Always Gotta Climb on My Keyboard You Big Goober (knock it off)
16. Booger Butt, Booger Butt, Why You Gotta Bug Me All the Time?

Those are all the “Jodi Chromey originals” I made up for #DailyWendell. Usually, I sing him a song that’s stuck in my head or that’s coming in over the cans strapped to that same head. I’m hoping the Pitchfork reviewer picks up on my recurring themes of cherries, saying please, and asking my cat to knock it off.

Not even a little bit sorry about this one,

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