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Hello Darling Ones,

Have you ever seen the movie “Elf?” The one with Will Ferrel? Second best Christmas movie of all time? I have seen it roughly eleventy kabillion times. Sister #2 watches it one a day, every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day. She has done this for years.

Anyway, there’s a scene where Buddy busts into the room when they’re in a meeting with Miles Finch and he twirls around shouting “I’m in love! I’m in love! And I don’t care who knows it!”

That’s me!

I’m not in love with a human, sadly. Sorry to burst your bubble. I am taking applications — send your pompatus of love and a list of five things to

Today I’m in love with the book The Final Revival of Opal & Nev by Dawnie Walton. It might be my favorite book I’ve read so far this year (I’ve read 52 books this year), which is saying a lot because I still want to become The Witch of Ironwood AND I cannot shut up about the Jeff Tweedy memoir.

But this book, Opal & Nev, this book speaks right to my very core. It speaks to the same parts of me that Daisy Jones & The Six spoke to me.

Opal & Nev is about rock & roll and politics and racism and sexism and the 70s music scene and a brave misfit black girl who is doing her goddamn best. I LOVED THIS BOOK. I loved it so much. SO SO SO MUCH.

It’s told as an oral history through interviews, newspaper articles, social media updates, etc, and to say that this format is my jam, is an understatement. I wrote an entire novel in this kind of format, so yeah. Also, the best part of this book is that there’s a reveal about 1/2 way through that made me gasp right out loud, and then say to an empty room, “Oh, hell yes!”

So if you’re looking for something wonderful and immersive and so damn good, there you go. Read it and thank me later.


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