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I should be upstairs, smelling of the Johnson’s Bedtime baby lotion I slather over my body in attempt not to turn into a pile of dead skin cells held together by Red Hots candy cane slobber and dirty sweatpants, curled into A Life in Men, and reading until my eyes fall out. That’s what I should be doing. But as Conan ended and I was leaning over to shut ol’ Enid down, an email came in. It notified me that there was a new comment on The Top 10 Best Episodes of Dawson’s Creek, which is like the #2 most popular post on this here 13.5 year-old website.

In that comment Jenny was wondering what episode it was that Joey yammers on about Dawson’s sitting next to her in silence after her mom died.

Because I like to pretend I am the A#1 Dawsonologist (I made up that vocation) on the Internet, I set my brain immediately to the challenge. And, of course, my brain it rose to that challenge: check it around 30:15.

UPDATE: They took down the video, but the answer to the what episode is that question is: Season 4 Episode 7 You Had Me at Goodbye. It’s the one where Andie leaves and Joey has to ask “the person who knows her best” to write a recommendation for her college application. When Pacey gets all cranky about it she says this:
“The day that my mom passed away, you know, he was the first one to come through the door, and he sat with me the whole day, and he never once asked me how I was doing because he, unlike everyone else, he knew me well enough to know that there weren’t words to describe how I was doing. So you…Really, pace… You can’t be angry with me for asking him.”

I was going to try to reconstruct for you the thought processes, the google search terms, and the myriad ways I had to wrack my brain to come up with the answer, but really can mere words show you how genius works? No.

And I’m not typing to brag about my super sleuthing skills or even about my in-depth knowledge of “Dawson’s Creek.” No, I’m typing to brag that if you ask a Dawson’s question at 11 p.m. on a school night, I will postpone my bedtime until you have your answer.

Supergenius Industries: We Won’t Sleep Until Your Arcane Trivia Needs Are Met (unless of course, we’re really really tired, or cranky, or hungry, or busy doing something else).

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