two years without TV

did you know that season 5 of dawson’s creek just came out on DVD [potential birthday gift alert: i own none of the seasons and would love to own all of the seasons]? it did! it has zoomed its way to the top of the netflix queue. i am giddy with anticipation.

awaiting the arrival of my TV on DVD got me to thinking. it’s been nearly 2 years since i stopped watching TV. TWO YEARS. it amazes me.

sure i still rent TV on DVD, and watch movies on DVD all the time, so it’s not like i’m a total drop out. but it’s been two years since i’ve sit down in my apartment to watch TV, like broadcast TV.

not watching TV has been totally easier than i ever thought it would be. after about the first six months it doesn’t even seem like an option, coming home and flipping on the tv. instead, i come home and flip on the radio.

i think the thing i miss the most about not watching TV are the commercials, specifically the movie commercials. i couldn’t tell you one thing about any movie that is currently out at the moment. i don’t even know what movies are out there in theateres. if the movie isn’t advertised on the front page of, i don’t even know of its existence. that’s a little sad.

also, the other thing about not watching TV, i hardly ever know what the weather is gonna be like. not that the weather drones on local TV news are all that good about predicting it, but they are a little better than i am.

what have i learned from not watching TV for two years? i’ve mostly learned that people really, really hate it when you say you don’t watch TV. it’s like some sort of condemnation of their lifestyle habits. just uttering that phrase to people makes it seem as though you’re trying to put yourself above them. when really, i’m not. i say ‘i don’t watch TV’ much the same way i say ‘orange is my favorite color.’ it’s just a statement of fact, nothing implied about you or your preferences. but for some reason people don’t see it that way. it’s not that i go around touting ‘oh, i don’t watch tv, because i’m too busy trying to find a way to solve global warming.’ i only told people that i don’t watch TV when they’d ask me if i’d seen the latest episode of “The Apprentice” or “Dangerous Housewives.” but i’ve learned that ‘i don’t watch TV’ is not the appropriate answer. the correct answer to “did you see the apprentice last night?” is no. just no, no other explanation. and that, sadly, is all that i’ve learned from not watching TV for two years.

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  1. Cbo 11.May.05 at 2:34 pm

    “Desperate” Housewives 🙂

  2. Kelly 11.May.05 at 7:25 pm

    Hey miss TV on DVD. I have a recommendation for you. If you haven’t seen Nip/Tuck yet you should get that from Netflix ASAP. Its one of the most dramatic shows out there but has some occassional great lines and songs.

  3. C~ 11.May.05 at 10:01 pm

    “I don’t watch tv” is so TOTALLY akin to “you’re a sloth with drool for brains” to most people. I haven’t watched tv for years now as well and I gotta say, you’re right on the money about not uttering that phrase…people are just a wee bit too sensitive about their own lifestyles to take that as a neutral fact and not an attack on the worthiness of their lives. The above reasoning and your post gives new meaning to the statement “just say ‘no'”.



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