The COVID Diaries: Wrong

Here’s what I can’t stop thinking about.

Do you know how when you are drinking something and you swallow wrong and you start to choke and you spend 15 seconds thinking your life is gonna end and you panic because you don’t want to die, and you definitely don’t want to die for something as stupid as your inability to swallow properly?

I keep thinking of that panicky 15-25 seconds when I can’t breath. It’s terrifying.

Then I think about how that monster Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin made George Floyd feel that way for nine entire minutes. Nine minutes that monster kneeled on a man’s neck. Nine minutes. I cannot even imagine what kind of evil has to run through your veins to continue choking someone who is telling you they can’t breathe.

The natural human instinct is to help the person who is choking. Derek Chauvin is a monster. The officers who stood by are monsters. SO many monsters.

A few weeks ago my nephew swallowed wrong and while he choked up whatever he was drinking I asked him 88 times if he needed help and at the same time tried to figure out how to do a tracheotomy with a paring knife and a stainless steel reusable straw. Because that is what you do. You help people who are suffering.

The Minneapolis Police do not do that. In fact, they continue to make the situation much worse. They unleashed violence against a community that suffers daily under our white supremacist system during a global pandemic that is killing black people in disproportionate numbers because racism never rests and this one top of the cops killing black people with immunity since, well there were cops. The Minneapolis Police lit the match knowing full well a lot of white people and media made by white people would worry more about property than people.

In case you need me, someone who squeaked by College Algebra with a C, to do the math for you here it is:

People > Things

Help the people – Reclaim the Block, MPD 150 who are asking that you read their work and donate to other organizations, Minneapolis Freedom Fund, and Black Visions Collective.

I know that my white lady tears and heartbreak are useless. I gave what money I could and now I’m going back to listening, bearing witness to this pain, and doing whatever it is I do that is not really praying but is kinda like that.

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