Things I am Unabashedly Here For (An Abridged List)

  1. All the first day of school pics. This day, Halloween, and the last day of school are really the only reason to keep Facebook active.
  2. Hanging out with my 21-year-old niece before she goes back to Eugene for her senior year of college. I cannot remember the last time just the two of us hung out.
  3. I’m also really here for having an empty house again, just me and the cats. I’ve basically had people here since May and I could use some actual, factual alone time.
  4. Open windows and cool breezes.
  5. Getting rid of crap. In preparation for the new impending arrival of the new couch I got rid of the shitty seven-year-old couch along with ALLLLLLLLLLLLL of Sister #4’s crappy waterbed furniture. This was the very same furniture she couldn’t bear to part with in July of 2006. She swore she would come claim it when she was done with school (I believe she meant her bachelor’s, but she’s got a PhD now and the furniture was still in my fucking garage).
  6. I’ve also cleared my house of so much other stuff random vacuum cleaners, loads of books, all the DVDs and DVD player I never use, board games that haven’t been played in years, yoga mats, 80 tons of misc. kitchen junk. And still, youse is stuffed to the gills with junk. It seems I’m a junk junkie.
  7. Spending a ridiculous amount of time thinking about the Indigo Girls.
  8. Crocheting a new blanket, what I believe is #19. It’s gonna be buffalo plaid (I hope).
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