SotW: Save it For a Rainy Day

For the Spring Member Drive, The Current has been counting down the Top 893 songs of the 2000s (as voted on by Current listeners). It is, of course, brilliant. I love when they do this kind of special programming. For me this particular countdown is equal parts a reminder of how much I love The Current and how it’s introduced me to so much music I love + ugh, this is why I have fallen out of sync with The Current (which I blame more on my falling out of sync with a lot of indie rock).

Just a few songs ago they played “Save it for a Rainy Day” by The Jayhawks.

As soon as I heard the opening chords I was picked up off the couch and instantly transplanted into my shitty apartment in Prior Lake, with the desk that housed my computer in the dining room filled with papers, pens, and cigarette butts. I was lonely, sad, and sad about another shitty, unworthy man who had toyed with my heart and filled me with lies. I can almost smell that apartment, and feel my fingers on the keyboard to that desktop computer.

A cursory search shows that I’ve used lyrics from this song for at least five posts in 2003 alone. The album, and this song in particular were huge for me.

Dang! I was expecting to time travel today, but it’s kinda nice to see how far I’ve come from that lonely woman (I was gonna call myself a lonely girl, but I was already 30 in 2003 and now I feel so old, so very, very old).

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