Day 196 of 200: Union of the Snake > State of the Union 2019

In case you missed it, the State of the Union was on tonight. If you feel bad about this, just watch this “Union of the Snake” video by Duran Duran. It is more coherent and honest than Turnip’s speech. And the main refrain of this song is Voices in your body coming through on the radio. The union of the snake is on the climb.

The video also features a weird lizard man who has more realistic coloring than the Turnip. So there’s that too.

As to be expected, the actual State of the Union address was self-aggrandizing bullshit full of racism, sexism, and lies. Much like our union, so I guess on a symbolic level the address was totally legit.

The best part of the whole ordeal was Nancy Pelosi. Not only did she have her active bitch face going, she spent time picking up pieces of paper and reading them because she had no time for his bullshit. Plus, she clapped at Trump like he is the dumbest piece of shit ever. Which he is. She’s not wrong. Oh, and Stacey Abrams who is amazing and makes me think there might be some hope for our garbage nation.

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