Day 197 of 200: The Last Book I Got from a Book Order

Today, @Citesomething posted the most magical tweet of the year.

I saw the picture and a shiver of excitement ran up my spine. I loved the Scholastic Book Fair. I also loved Scholastic book orders. In fact, I remember the very last book I got from a Scholastic book order. It was Sweet Valley High #4 Power Play where Jessica and Elizabeth fight about fat Robin joining the Pi Betas. It’s about how fat shaming is totally a good method to get a girl to lose weight and that you will only be accepted if you’re not such a fatty.

Not my favorite in the oeuvre.

I got the book in seventh grade and remember Mr. Johnson handing it to me in English class because Cam Anderson, whom I loved, made fun of it because it looked like the girls on the cover were gonna kiss. Yeah.

I also remember getting this in particular because it’s the only book in my SVH that didn’t have the red Bantam rooster on the spine and instead had some Scholastic thing. This still, 34 years later, bothers the crap out of me.

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