Day 58 of 200: The Cookie Arias

The Cub Foods grocery store near my house has a wonderful bakery. I cannot vouch for the bakeries at other Cubs, but my Cub bakery is wonderful. They make these peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate that are so good, I’m pretty sure that’s the reason God gave us cookies.

These cookies are so good that you can’t always find them because they sell out right away. Sister #3 and I have a blood pact that if we ever run into them we have to buy them and share.

Tonight for Sister #2’s farewell dinner, and Sister #3 brought not one, but TWO packages of the peanut-butter reasons for living.

We watched with breathless anticipation as our mom took one of the cookies. When she had eaten about half of the cookie, Sister #3 asked what she thought.

“Eh,” my mom said shrugging and making a face. “I didn’t really care for it.”
“What?” I screeched.
“Why did you eat the whole thing then?” Sister #3 asked.
“You wasted a cookie!” I moaned.
“I ate it all,” Mom said.
“But you didn’t love it.” Sister #3 shook her head sadly.
“I sang an aria the first time I had one,” I said.

Such a waste.

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