Day 120 of 200: Bakesgiving

I’m not a baker. In fact, I loathe it. I like the art of cooking. The science of baking kind of harshes my artistic buzz. I do make one exception to my no-baking rule, banana bread, because I love banana bread and hate wasting bananas.

However, even banana bread gives me some anxiety. The recipe calls for baking soda AND baking powder and it just makes me fell like more things can go wrong.

Today I’ve made a banana bread and a dozen banana chocolate chip muffins. I’m not messing around.

Soon I will be making a brownie-crust mint cheesecake with a chocolate ganache topping. Doesn’t that sound fancy? It’s not really baking, just stirring. The recipe I found called for boxed brownie mix and then just stirring a bunch of shit together and topping the brownies with it. I can stir. There’s no anxiety in stirring. No chemistry. Very little chances to fuck it up.

I’m still a little anxious because this as it is replacing the traditional ridiculously expensive cheesecake I usually buy and bring. Granted, I started bringing the cheesecake because I hate pie, but I’ve discovered a lot of my family really likes cheesecake. And pie.

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