Day 99 of 200: One About Halloween

The year I dressed up for Halloween as Snow White Sister #2 was Wonder Woman. Our costumes were just like the ones pictured above. Because we were Minnesota kids those costumes were worn over our winter coats and a fine frost formed inside those masks due to the condensation of our breath.

We had a lot of costumes like these plastic ones, usually purchased October 30th at Snyder’s when the pickin’s were extra slim. I have zero memory of what other characters we dressed up as on other years. I just remember the Snow White/Wonder Woman year because that year we didn’t get to go trick or treating because rumor had it the candy that year was full of razor blades and maybe poisonous Tylenol.

I have no idea what Sisters #3 & #4 were up to that Halloween. I think they were too little to really matter to this 1982 story. Obviously they were not emotionally scarred so much by not getting to trick or treat that year that they’re still bitter after all these years (36!).

Because 1982 not only did we not get to go trick or treating my parents made us hand out pennies. PENNIES! I’m still so embarrassed I want to die.

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