Day 82 of 200: Worrying About Losing Gidget

Tonight I’ll probably finish reading Sally Field’s memoir In Pieces. It’s been way more interesting thing I expected. I’m not entirely sure what I expected, but I wasn’t prepared for so much gut-wrecnching honesty about her childhood and early career.

Because Field is a woman in America she was, of course, abused by men in power be it her step-father or shitty directors or shitty movie stars she dated. It makes my stomach hurt that none of this surprises me. In fact, I’ve come to the point of living in this rape culture of ours where I approach all men, and especially men in the arts squinting through one eye, wholly prepared to learn that he’s raped/molested/harassed someone, usually a woman.

So I kind of held my breath and squinted as Field approached her time on the TV show “Gidget.” I love Gidget, and I was super afraid of losing her or having the show tainted by some man’s shitty behaviors.

She doesn’t spend much time on Gidget, really, which makes sense because it was only on for one season. However, she did say that the man who played her father was super kind and dad-like to her. Thank god.

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