Day 104 of 200: Election Day Survival Plan

Last night Sister #3 stopped by with some cookies and we got our ballots in order. While we were sure who we were voting for for in the big races state races (Walz, Klobuchar, Smith, Craig, Ellison) and some of the local races (Tabke, Hennen), we had no idea who to vote for in the school board and city council elections. It’s not easy to find information on these candidates. I had to dig to find out one of our Sheriff candidates was proud of being endorsed by dickbag Erik Paulsen.

Anyway, we divided and conquered the rest of the ballot and I am set to vote tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve also got my designated bitchers (people who I can text AUUUGGHHHH! and they will try to help alleviate my election day anxiety) lined, and I’ve told most my clients that I won’t be available after noon. I, obviously, have the cookies ready to go should there be a need for cookies.

I’ve voted in every election I could since I turned eighteen — that’s nearly 30 years — and I’ve never been more anxious or filled with dread as I am for tomorrow. I was so sure in 2016 and that didn’t go so well.

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