Day 12 of 200: The What if Game

One of my favorite things to do with my friends and family is playing the What if Game. I like this game because it’s fun to argue about inconsequential things, I enjoy learning about personal preferences, and it gives us something to talk about.

My favorite version of the game is the Dessert Edition. In this version I ask “What if someone offered you dessert, and they told you your options were cookies, pie, or ice cream. They don’t tell you what kind, you have to choose blind. Which one do you choose?”

I love listening to people as they deliberate. What I love more is trying to persuade them to make the right decision, by which I mean the decision I would make.

If they choose cookies, I counter with “What if it’s a snickerdoodle or a pecan sandie?”

If they choose pie, I just do my patented farty noise + thumbs down thing. Pie is the worst.

If they choose ice cream, I congratulate them on their very excellent taste in desserts and reassure them that even if they get a plain, ol’ scoop of vanilla or some barfy Rocky Road it’s still better than baked fruit spooj pie.

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