on resolution

last night at sister #3’s house, we went around the room tossing out our resolutions. they were your average resolutions, “eat better, lose weight, do well in school, blah, blah, blah.” my resolution was different.

“i want to write 12 short stories next year,” i said.

this was met with blank stares and then, they laughed.

i told the TTHM my resolution and while he admits it’s a good resolution, he keeps asking me if i have loftier goals. i feel as though he’s trying to get me to admit to something. but, well, there’s nothing to admit to.

i don’t have any loftier resolutions. i should eat better, excersise more, and lose weight. but that’s not my resolution. i made that resolution for about the first 28 years of my life, along with the next year i resolve to have someone to kiss at midnight, and each year just found me alone and fat, and really, who needs to feel bad about themselves on the first day of a whole new year? so i just stopped making that stupid resolution.

someday, if i do find myself thinner, healthier and smooching at midnight on dec 31/jan 1, i’ll just lie and say that was my resolution for the past year.

because i’m evil like that.

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  1. UH 01.Jan.04 at 6:56 pm

    Writing the twelve short stories is a good start, but you ought to resolve to get at least one published.

    This is, of course, very easy for me to say since I haven’t submitted anything for publication in at least fifteen years. It’s still good advice though, since stories aren’t any good unless they’re shared.

  2. Cindy 02.Jan.04 at 10:04 am

    I decided to do that, too. I figure one a month couldn’t be too bad – even if the stories are awful I’ll have at least practiced, and I’ll have 12 stories at the end of 2004 that I didn’t have this year.

  3. Scott McGerik 14.Jan.04 at 4:37 pm

    Loftier goals? Why have resolutions at all? I have met so many people that have put forth New Years resolutions only to feel bad about failing to meet them. It seems that most resolutions are about fixing some inadequecy in ourselves and, really, who wants to focus on their failings all year.
    I get the impression that you like to write, so maybe your resolution will work, but I think resolutions are not what people need. Rather, if you want to write, figure out how to structure your life to write. I love to eat good food, but I can not afford to dine out every night of the week, plus, so many restaurants serve crap. So, instead of resolving to dine out less and eat at home more often, I do things such that I do eat more home cooked foods. The key point in my rambling is that resolutions are intentions, but nothing gets done until you do it.


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