Six Tiny Delights & One Gross Thing

Hi Darling Ones,

Work was super stressful earlier this week and my brain still hasn’t recovered from spending 48 hours drenched in deadline-induced anxiety. I would explain the ordeal but it’s boring.

Instead I present you with six tiny delights.

  1. On Saturday I invented a new project for myself called #BarsOfSummer. Since I am an old Midwestern lady this involves making a new kind of bar each week until I get bored with the project. It does not involve going to a different bar each week like I’m some kind of person who leaves the house to imbibe alcohol with the unwashed masses. So far I have made Scotcharoos and they were fucking delicious.
  2. Hugh, my tradescantia zebrina (never a wandering Jew because I found out that’s super antisemitic, which I kind of suspected but googled to be sure anyway), can produce flowers (pictured above). These teeny, tiny delights last like a day, but they make me smile head off.
  3. The resurrected ice maker continues to function and every time I hear it fill with water my heart does a jig of joy.
  4. A couple of weeks ago I bought a $1.50 bag of lemon drops that I had been craving for about two years. I went looking for them hard that one summer and never found them. The closest I could get was Lemonheads. They were not what I wanted and tasted nothing like Evan Dando. I assumed they stopped making them because that’s what happens when you grow old they stop making everything you love. Finding these at the local Hy-vee felt like the score of the century.
  5. At night with the windows open I can smell lilacs.
  6. It’s Disco Lemonade season (this is what I have decided to call the drink commonly known as the Arnold Palmer).

And on gross thing.

  1. When I stepped outside today to check on my trees (Janine, Janis, and Trevour have relocated to their summer home) a wasp flew into my house. It was a large and angry bugger who tried valiantly to get back outside. I tried to help by opening the door and making shooing motions towards the outdoors. I even popped open the screen on the window it refused to move away from. The wasp was stupid and it ended up dying in the window. Specifically it died between the immovable top window and the bottom part that I open when the weather agrees. It died in the exact spot where it will be squished when I have to close the window. I’m pre-grossed out about this situation. There is no way to get the wasp out without turning it to smooshy wasp goo. Ick.
  2. Love,

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