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One of the things I really, really liked about that Chrissie Hynde memoir that has me still trying to find words to write about is how much she loved the radio.

A lot of the memoir takes place in Hynde’s pre-Pretenders life in Ohio and she often talks about how great the radio of her youth was, specifically the radio stations in Cleveland. As a fellow avid radio fan, whose earliest musical experiences came from the radio I was all, “Chrissie, I love radio too!”

My love of radio is well-documented in the pixels of this here website, as is my affection for certain DJs. Remember how mad I was when Barb Abney was fired? Remember my outrage at Mary Lucia being silenced by some scumbag stalker?

Of course you don’t. But that is beside the point.

The point is that Mary Lucia came back to The Current today at 2 p.m. after seven long long so long months without her, and it has been fucking glorious on so many levels.

Not only is it nice to hear Lucia’s wonderfully sardonic, moving, and funny voice on the air. It’s so nice to have a chance to hear The “old” Current back on the air. Today Lucia’s set has been wildly eclectic and so empowering that I’ve spent most of the afternoon with tears in my eyes.

She kicked off her set thanking friends who wouldn’t let her slide into darkness alone though that is her tendency, then she played Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” You can listen to it yourself. The entire set has been littered with empowering songs about her ordeal, her strength, and, well, her power.

These kinds of themed sets are a Lucia trait. When same-sex marriage was legalized she went into a great wedding/love-themed set that included “Love is the Law,” “All You Need is Love,” “I’m Coming Out,” and “Chapel of Love.” Then there was that time she played The Rolling Stones for four hours.

All afternoon my Twitter has been lit up with the rejoicing in Lucia’s return. And that too is And when Bob Collins joined Mary at 4:20 like he always did, he talked about how reassuring it felt to have her back on the air.

It is reassuring. It feels as though something has been righted. I can’t quite put into words what it means to have her back on my radio. To hear her familiar voice, to know that she’s no longer being silenced.

I can’t put it into words, but I feel it in my heart and in my eyes and in my ears.

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