Aunt Jodi’s early-morning Dance Party

I’m a morning music listener. There’s nothing more I like to do after watching Dude Weather is crank a few tunes. Since the Tibbles have been here, I’ve been slowing acclimating them to this morning music. They love it. Specifically, they love to listen to “Ring of Fire.” Three-year-old Liam knows all the words by heart. If you think there’s anything cuter than a three year old in pajamas singing Johnny Cash, then you’re wrong. Because nothing is cuter. At all. I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, for the past three days to capture phenomenon on video.

Listening to “Ring of Fire,” however, does not come without controversy. Everyday we have the horns vs. no horns debate. Cade and Liam are very pro-horns, (Johnny Cash version) and Nolan is pro-no-horns (Social Distortion version). Words cannot convey the awesomeness of listening to the Tibbles talk about “Ring of Fire.”

Here for your enjoyment is the rest of the playlist from Aunt Jodi’s Early-Morning Dance Party playlist as chosen by the Tibbles:
Accidentally in Love, The Counting Crows
Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah (Means I Love You), Violent Femmes
Real Gone, Sheryl Crow
Batman, Paul Westerberg
I’m No Superman, Lazlo Bane
When She Loved Me, Sarah McLachlan
Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash
Ring of Fire, Social D
Thank God I’m a Country Boy, John Denver
Veronica, Elvis Costello
If I Fall, You’re Going Down with Me, The Dixie Chicks

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