and the night gets worse

i just had this disturbing, heartbreaking conversation with my pal scoots:

scoots: you’re about to disown me as a friend
GeminiMat: why?
scoots: i’ve decided i dont really like the replacements
GeminiMat: what?!
scoots: its true
scoots: nope
GeminiMat: you have broken my heart
scoots: i dled a bunch of their stuff off napster before the crash
scoots: and as i was doing the 24 hour comic
GeminiMat: i can’t like you anymore
scoots: it kept coming up in the random
scoots: and i kept finding myself hitting the next button
GeminiMat: you didn’t even give them a chance!
scoots: i did
GeminiMat: how can you not like i will dare?
scoots: i’ve had the stuff for months
GeminiMat: ok
GeminiMat: since we’re being all honest and stuff
scoots: and i’ve let it play thru many times…
GeminiMat: i don’t like yo la tengo
scoots: thats ok.. theyre not like my favorite band or anything.. but they are good to brood to
scoots: i can’t believe you just broke my heart
scoots: i knew you would take it badly.. but i had to come clean.
scoots: i really did DL a ton of it
GeminiMat: you are a cruel and heartless bastard
GeminiMat: couldn’t you just fake it?
scoots: i tried
scoots: but the next button kept getting hit
GeminiMat: i bought a headache?
GeminiMat: how could you not like that?
GeminiMat: bastards of young?
scoots: i’m mean.. its not awful…
scoots: but im afraid mr westerburg’s voice grates on me a bit
GeminiMat: blasphemy!
scoots: and i normally like grating music
GeminiMat: i don’t even know what to say
scoots: but he sounds a little to smoked out coffee house for me
GeminiMat: i think we have to break up now
scoots: nah
scoots: we can gloss it over… i mean it obvious youre heartless for not liking yo la tengo
GeminiMat: you have no soul if you don’t like the replacements
GeminiMat: you are an artless, souless, emotionless, robot thing
scoots: id rather listen to old REM…
GeminiMat: pete buck plays on i will dare
GeminiMat: he loves the replacements!!
scoots: i did DL a really good robyn hitchcock song today
GeminiMat: i like him
scoots: good
GeminiMat: but you cannot endear yourself to me now
GeminiMat: next you’ll be telling me you hate jeff buckley
scoots: …
scoots: crooning guitar boys aren’t really my scene either.. i’m really fussy about the ones i let slip thru my filters….
scoots: i only like a select few… but i don’t have much exposure to my buckley
GeminiMat: you are the souless wonder
scoots: but that song Grace is a bit too typical overblown corndog for me
GeminiMat: of course
GeminiMat: because you are a soulless bastard

ok, so he decides to kick me when i am down. can you believe the nerve? kids these days. clearly my pal scoots has no taste.

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  1. scooterboy 19.Aug.01 at 12:15 am

    kicking you when you are down? im giving you something on which to focus your bad mood. you ought be thanking me…

  2. jodi 19.Aug.01 at 12:33 am

    you! you don’t exist to me. you hate bob mould, sugar, husker du, soul coughing jeff buckley. bah! you are invisible to me. tomorrow, you sleep with the fishes.

  3. Skattieboy 19.Aug.01 at 8:29 am

    In the ocean or in the butcher’s freezer, though?

  4. hallucinati 08.Sep.04 at 7:03 am

    jeff mould really sucks. your site was like the only result for “hate jeff mould” so i came on by. but seriously. damn that guy sucks. who seriously puts the phrase “down by the river” in their lyrics? possibly THE most trite lyrical phrase in existence. his voice is stupid and his music is worse than boring. really.

  5. jodi 08.Sep.04 at 7:30 am

    who the hell is jeff mould?


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