Resolved for 2015

I made some actual, sincere resolutions this year. Also a few smartassy ones, because I am Jodi Chromey after all. I don’t always share my resolutions because I don’t like being held accountable for the things I don’t accomplish. But this year, I’m gonna live out loud more and angry hermit less. So here’s what I resolve to do in 2015.

  • Procure a literary agent who will sell The Beast to someone who wants to publish it.
  • Write for places that are not I Will Dare.
  • Start working on a new beastly book project.
  • Have more sex with men who are not my husband*.
  • Notice the moments when I am happy. Enjoy them.
  • Buy more records.

It is a small list but Dr. Sister #2 said I shouldn’t load it up too much because then I give myself more chances to fail. So there you have it. I’m going to do stuff in 2015. I did a lot of stuff in 2014, but it seems to be all lost in the wash of blues that overtook me at the end of the year. Between the awful news headlines and my sadness over Sister #2’s move to Portland, I wasted a lot of the last eight(ish) weeks to sadness. It was a waste, but I’ve decided to be done with it now.

Happy New Year, Darling Ones. Let’s not fuck this up.

* It’s a joke. I don’t have a husband. I don’t want a husband. I do want the more sex.

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