I Really Did Coo With Joy

On the very first day I became an iPhone owner, I promptly named the device Ziggy after the computer that helps Sam Beckett leap from life to life, putting things right, that once went wrong and hoping each time, that his next leap will be the leap home.
Right around that time I populated Ziggy’s lock screen with an Alex Ross picture of Superman. I love Superman for myriad reasons, not the least of which is the Superman S I have tattooed on my chest.

For reasons unknown, I spent a lot of time Thursday night not sleeping and instead finding the new perfect lock screen picture for Ziggy. To say that I put entirely more thought and effort into the selection of this new picture than necessary would be an understatement of along the lines of “Yeah, I think Jodi likes Nutter Butters.”

After hours of deliberation and seventy-seven changes of heart, I settled on the picture of Joan Jett you see here. It is fantastic. The yellow is nice change of pace from the darkness of the Ross picture. And, frankly, it’s nice to have some feminine energy from Ziggy who I look at roughly 823 times a day.

And so then last night I had a Black Sheep meeting where Steve brought me a flat stack of vinyl awesome as a way of saying thanks for shining up his website.

I cooed with delight as I went through the stack of old records featuring Heart, The Pretenders, and The Replacements’ “Tim” (bringing my total number of ‘Mats records owned to two).

And when I found this bad girl in the stack, I screeched with so much joy dogs nearby began to howl in unison.


I tried to do a big reveal of the new lock screen, but my drama was thwarted by the stupid screen being filled with tweets, messages, and that kind of stuff. By the time I cleared that shit the coincidence had cooled, at least in that moment. But in my heart, oh my heart, there is still much delight at this bit of serendipity.

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