all my features set me free

i think i’ll be spending a goodly portion of this week stuck in 1994. i’m a little pissed that i left The Short Story that was So Shitty it Made the Baby Jesus Weep at home. because much like the 21-year-old i was in April of 1994, i don’t want to be doing any of the stuff i should do and only do the stuff i want to do.

Kathleen Turner Overdrive has had the 1994 playlist on repeat since last night. the list is filled with pearl jam, nirvana, liz phair’s first album, tori amos, weezer, and a bunch of other stuff i remember listening to back in the day. it’s weird, i can’t remember the last time i spent any serious time listening to pearl jam, yet everytime one of the songs from Vs. comes on my heart flutters just a bit and i think to myself ‘oh, i love this song.’ and i’m remembering the day that the album came out and how i made Sister #2 get to the record store the minute it opened to go pick me up a CD and she had to bring it back to the newspaper office immediately.

she did it, though she felt like a total dork. i remember me and my friend Whitley locking ourselves in the bubble (a glass walled portion of the newspaper office) and listening to the CD over and over and over again, trying to determine if it was good, if it sucked and how it weighed in against 10. our friend shelley came in a few hours later asking if we’d heard it.

and like a scene right out of High Fidelity she said, “it’s really good.”

i can’t wait to get home tonight. tonight i will dive even deeper into 1994, opening up the heavy green memory trunk and pulling out the journals from 1993-1995, looking at the old newspaper clips, and specifically searching for the review i wrote of Pearl Jam’s “Vs.” a review where i distinctly remember getting chastised by Jason Becker (my music geek friend) for saying Eddie Vedder had one of the best voices in rock-n-roll.

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  1. Ed Vedder 03.Apr.06 at 3:38 pm

    i think you mean:

    “all my PIECES set me free…human devices set me free.”

    thank you for complimenting my voice.

  2. jodi 03.Apr.06 at 3:49 pm

    eddie, buddy, i hardly mean to tell you how to write a song. but it’d be so much better if it were ‘features.’ and i will continue to give you credit for writing this brilliant lyric (even though i did, apparently).


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