When Fan Fiction Comes True

So the aforementioned Stevie Nicks thing is still in full force. However, some of the shine is starting to rub off Heart because I am in love with Ann Wilson due to the memoir. It’s real love because she even dissed on Johnny Cougar hardcore and I still love her. And, as I was telling Wolfdogg this morning, I really love Johnny Cougar so much that I even love Key West Intermezzo (is that Matthew McConaughey in that video?). That’s real love people!

But this is not about Ann Wilson or Johnny. This is about Stevie, the high priestess of all that is good lately, and specifically this song:

It’s called “That Made Me Stronger” and I heard it for the first time a few weeks ago. Maybe it was last week. The passage of time means nothing to me. What I remember is that I had dialed up Stevie Nicks in Spotify and I hit play. I was listening to her entire catalog one song after another, just letting it soak into me. I was also working or writing and let most of the songs pass through my ears without much thought or comment, until this one came on. I think it was the word write. I am attuned to it.

So I repeated the song a few times and listened to they lyrics, falling in love, of course, with the chorus
Well, you know me better than I know myself
Will you write this for me?
He says, “No, you write your songs yourself”
That made me stronger, it made me hold on to me.

At the moment I said “I’m going to pretend she wrote this about Tom Petty.” I liked the idea of him bolstering her up when her confidence was shaky. That’s what friends do. I wanted them to be like real, actual friends. Does this matter at all in my real life? No. But in the longer piece of fiction it matters a great deal.

Of course because my brain is kind of an asshole and kept taunting me. “What if it’s about Don Henley or Lindsey Buckingham?” Somehow that mattered to me and since I’m roughly 72% compulsive corrector and a little bit of Irish, I had to go search out the truth of my fan fiction as soon as I was done working.

Guess what? I was right! She did write it about Tom Petty and that makes me ridiculously happy. And the only reason I typed all this is that I sing this song to myself every morning the second I wake up. It’s my subconscious’ way of reassuring me that what I’m doing is right and the thing I should be doing.

Also, I wasn’t entirely sure I could crank out a whole post about how I put peanut butter on banana bread this morning and it was the best thing to happen to my mouth since, well, yesterday when I got this delightful tangerine lip balm, but anyway, it was a life altering discovery and the fact that I haven’t eaten every crumb of that banana bread is a testament to my grown-uphood.

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