A short list of things I have made this weekend (now with more pictures!)

1. Meatballs. They were supposed to be Greek Meatballs but the unSuperT by my house didn’t have the Greek seasoning I usually get. So I bought something called Mediterranean Seasoning. I figured since they were geologically related they would be flavorly related. I was wrong. They were edible but not what I intended.

2. This blanket. Feel free to revel in its glory. I even put it to the test yesterday when I was forced to take a short nap by the dusky light in the house, my sleepiness*, and the 20ish minutes I had until I had to make the aforementioned meatballs. Sorry whomever I decide to give this glorious blanket to, it’s been used.

The sleepiness was brought on by the fact that I had an awful sinus headache for two entire days in a row. It wasn’t even a headache so much as it was the sinuses in the left side of my face aching in a manner which made it feel as though they were trying to escape my head through my left eye and cheekbone area. It sucked ass. And it made be crabbier than usual and sullen. My body was so happy to be relieved of this pain that it woke up at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning the moment we realized the pain was gone.

3. A client’s website. It launched yesterday. While it’s not the kind of website I’m going to be putting in my portfolio or even show anyone, the client loves it and that’s all that matters.

4.This scarf. It’s a shitty picture. I finished it late last night and didn’t feel like turning on more lights to take a better pic. I’m the perfect mix of lazy and productive.

5. Sweet, sweet love. To myself. Do masturbation jokes ever get old? No. No they do not.

6. Homemade marinara sauce that will go over some stuffed shells that I will be stuffing in a little bit.

7. 1/4 of a Yoshi egg. My seven-year-old nephew Liam found a picture of a crocheted Yoshi egg pillow thing on the Internet. Now he wants one for Christmas.

8. This list.

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  1. Ruby (Real Housewives of MN) 19.Nov.12 at 5:52 pm

    Hahaha!! I love your list, and the humor. PS that scarf is adorable – I seriously need to learn how to knit. Loving your blog!!


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