Things I Discussed with the Cub Cashier & a Picture of My Cat

The first four items were discussed with the Cub Cashier as well as the ol’ hippie lady who checked ou right before I did.

  1. Whether or not I got new glasses (yes, I did. They’re even different from the new glasses that can be seen over there ——->).
  2. Where I got the glasses (eyebobs)
  3. How did I ever hear of that place (my friend works there)
  4. The potential discount on the swanky glasses because nepotism (I didn’t get a discount, we bartered for work because I am a communist, but I did not talk about being a communist with the cashier and the hippy).
  5. If they were metal or plastic (plastic) and how the hippie can only wear metal frames because she destroys frames all the time.
  6. How good I look in my fancy new glasses (super good).
  7. The potential spiciness of Anaheim peppers (I have no idea).
  8. All the oatmeal I bought (a lot because giant canisters of it were 2 for $4 and $3.19 if I just bought one)
  9. How I bought all the oatmeal because Sister #3 is always begging for monster cookies at Family Dinner.
  10. The fact that my family gets together for Family Dinner every Sunday.
  11. Whether or not I remembered to get M&Ms for those monster cookies (I did).
  12. That I have three sisters but only one Skypes in for Family Dinner.
  13. Why Sister #2 Skypes in because she lives in Portland now because she is a stupid professor at a stupid (and probably haunted) university there. (I omitted the stupid and haunted parts, but I thought them really loudly).
  14. The Cub Cashier’s wish that her family would do a weekly Family Dinner.
  15. How since she doesn’t do Family Dinner she calls her sister once a month and spends two hours on the phone catching up.
  16. Her sincere hope that my monster cookies turn out well & satisfy my beggar sister.
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  1. Lesley 08.Nov.14 at 3:05 pm

    Check out Eyebobs has cool stuff for sure but they are pretty costly i think. :o)

    1. Jodi 08.Nov.14 at 4:08 pm

      Those are pretty nice. Sadly, I don’t need reading glasses, I need life glasses because my eyes are terrible.

  2. Todd Rinde 14.Nov.14 at 2:43 pm

    Cool glasses and cool hair.


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