Do hipsters dress like children of the 70s, or Thoughts Upon Finding my Elementary School Class Pictures

It seems University Avenue Elementary in Coon Rapids, Minnesota recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. This is the school I attended for first through sixth grades. And, thanks to the celebration, I now have photographic proof of this. Well of most of this, the evil genius who scanned and uploaded all these ancient pictures has skipped my 6th grade picture, which is a shame because I was really starting to grow into my total dorkiness in 1984. Also, I think I may have had a perm. Also I was six feet tall, and pretty sure I was at least six inches taller than everyone in the picture, maybe even Mr. Bunker.

Speaking of, though you can’t tell from this First Grade picture I’m taller than my teacher. I’m in the top row middle wearing pink stripes, the last time I would wear pink apparently because all the rest of the class pictures feature me in various shades of blue. I cannot remember if my favorite color was blue or if my mom liked me in blue or if I just wore boys clothes all the time. All of these are very real possibilities.

Also of note in this picture, if you look at the second row, second from the left, you’ll see the Harbinger of Doom. That little girl with the pink ribbons in her pigtails is the one who told me when we were in third grade that if Ronald Reagan was elected we were all gonna die. I believed her.

Sister #2 and I have been absolutely obsessed with these photos since we discovered them yesterday (thanks to the little girl in the first seat on the left in the first row who is my Facebook friend now). In fact, once I discovered these pictures I ceased all work and spent hours look through every picture (they’ve posted hundreds on the Facebook page) looking for my sisters and Jodi Hanson (our unofficial sister-like friend) and her actual sisters and then any kid in the neighborhood and then anyone who looked remotely familiar.

It took up a lot of my time and is why I worked until 9 p.m. tonight.

After hours spent looking at the pictures my biggest question is this:
Did kids in the late-70s to mid-80s dress more adult-like than kids to today? As in are kids clothes today more juvenile. Or does it just appear that we dressed more adult-like because adult hipsters dress like children from the late-70s to mid-80s? What say ye?

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  1. Lori 18.Oct.12 at 9:07 pm

    I don’t know the answer to your questions, but that little boy on the right end of the front row looks an awful lot like my husband’s pictures from grade school, so I automatically love him. I’ve followed these pictures on your FB page, and it’s so fun to take a little trip down memory lane. If I ever start a band or write a book, I’m totally stealing “University Avenue” as the name.

  2. Lori 18.Oct.12 at 9:08 pm

    I guess I’m a sucker for redheads wearing corduroys.


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