our house, it had a crowd

on the way to work this morning, i heard Madness’ “Our House.” i love that song with a passion. it always reminds me of growing up in the house on 121st Ave in Blaine. After the wedding on saturday, i made sister #3 drive past the house for old time’s sake. it looks so small now– hardly big enough to hold an entire sister club as they grew into adults.

the song and that house are haunting me today, when i’m feeling very grown-up and dealing with grown-up problems. i don’t like being a grown-up, i don’t like grown-up problems.

i would give most everything i have to be able to get off the school bus at the end of the block and walk into that house on 121st Ave, only to find my friend Ted sitting at the table with my dad talking about whatever it is that your friend Ted would talk to your dad about while he was waiting for you, your sisters, and a gaggle of friends to get home from the public school (ted went to catholic school). then of course once we all gathered together we would do very important stuff like watch Dance Party U.S.A. or go walk around the block, or sit in the basement and listen to the radio and try to get sister #3 and #4 to get away from us.

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