A few pictures from my birthday party

First, did I ever tell you about my Minnesota Twins shirt? I’m sure I have, but let me refresh your memory. I have a red Minnesota Twins shirt. I wear it a lot. I wear all my shirts a lot because I am lazy and just keep pulling clean clothes from the dryer and then depositing them in the washer when I deem them too dirty to wear again.

So a few years ago I bought a red Minnesota Twins shirt. I bought it because it was $6 and the last time I wore a $6 shirt I was probably 6. Of course, everyone who knows me well is like “what’s with the Twins shirt?” My sisters think the Twins shirt is the funniest thing to happen to clothing ever. And they like to tease me about being the Minnesota Twins’ #1 fan.

And so they buy me cakes for my 40th Birthday Party that look like this:

And then my BFK & Atom get me a basket of bears wearing Twins uniforms (plus a bonus unicorn!) that looks like this:

And then I’m all:

(those are actual suckers they got for the party).

It was awesome and I will say more about that after I sleep for a good long time. I’m old now, I need sleep.

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  1. Bonny Holder 03.Jun.12 at 10:09 am

    Happy birthday Jodi. I remember when you turned 30! Trust me — 40 is sooooo much better. xoxoxox from New Mex.


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