This is what happens when you are boring

Last night I ventured forth from the hidey hole known as Supergenius HQ and appeared in public. It was a very special occasion, the launch party for Dylan Hicks’ novel Boarded Windows. As you may recall the 26-year-old version of me has very smooshy feelings for the music of Dylan Hicks.

He was not boring. I was. I’ll get to that in a minute. The reading was so much fun. He read a little, he sang a little, he very diplomatically tried to answer a question asked by a man who didn’t realize he wasn’t really asking a question or saying anything that made any sense but uttered a lot of large words that seemed coherent. Also, note to all authors: more music at your readings. If I ever finish writing a book and get it published and do a reading I’m totally going to make someone come and play some music tangentially related to the book. It will probably be my friend Wolfdogg, since he’s the only guitar player I know. This would be much easier if I were multi-talented like Dylan Hicks, but I’m not.

But this about what happens when you are boring, not what happens when you go see a multi-talented author and singer read from their new book. Obviously.

No, what happens when you are boring is that you go to Grumpy’s with friends you haven’t seen in ages (in this case Jags & Vodo) you end up talking about potato salad.

See, I invited Jags and Vodo to my “40th Birthday Soiree.” The quotes because Jaycie, my niece, has dubbed this the official name of the party. There is much Sister Club excitement about my impending birthday. In fact we spend a lot of time during Sunday Family Dinner brainstorming “themes.” And by we, I mean Sisters #2 & #3 and Jaycie. So far they go back and forth between a Minnesota Twins theme (because I wear, often, a Minnesota Twins shirt that I bought for $6 not so much because I’m a huge baseball fan but a huge fan of $6 shirts. I’ve been known to say I’d wear the shirt just as much if it just had ‘$6’ on the front) and a rainbows and unicorns theme. I mostly ignore them during the debate and just try to con The Tibbles into believing they have to get me forty presents for my FORTIETH! birthday.

When I invited Jags & Vodo, cityfolk, to venture out to the wilds of Shakopee on June 2nd to celebrate nearly forty years of me (the party is before my actual birthday, the last weekend of my thirties) I gave them my best sales pitch. It went something like this:
“Yeah, my sisters are throwing me a big party. It will be fun. There will be potato salad.”

This, of course, prompted Vodo to be all “Oh, potato salad, of course I’ll be there.”
And I was all,”Dude, I just learned how to make potato salad and it is amazing.”

And because Vodo can never just take my word for anything he had to goad me about the ease of making potato salad. “Isn’t it just potatoes and mayonaisse?” he asked.

This from someone who obviously never, ever made potato salad. Jags then chimed in about how her grandma made excellent potato salad. Then I explained the different theories on potato salad and how for years I could not make a decent potato salad until I read this fascinating article about it. We continued to debate the merits and/or ease of potato salad and what kind of potatoes to use. After about ten minutes into the discussion I turned to Vodo and shouted “SEE? POTATO SALAD IS IMPORTANT.”

So that’s what happens when you’re boring, you get rather non-boring, even interesting people to discuss the merits of potato salad.

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  1. Wolfdogg 11.May.12 at 10:31 am

    If there was a song about Potato Salad, I would sing it at your birthday.

    1. Jodi 11.May.12 at 11:40 am

      You have plenty of time to write a song about potato salad and my birthday.


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