Letting go of 2003 or I am not my keywords

For the last week or so, I’ve been working my ass off on updating my portfolio. If you don’t have a portfolio, just think of it like updating your resume only 382,183 times worse because you have to choose actual evidence of the stuff you say you can do. And that evidence? It all looks like your worst 8th grade picture.

As part of the portfolio, I created a slideshow with a metric crapton of old I Will Dare designs. I don’t have them all, sadly. I’m a bad historian. Luckily for viewers of that particular slideshow, I could only upload ten slides. That means their eyes are spared from some of the more heinous HTML + hexidecimal colors I foisted on the unsuspecting websurfers of 2001. I’m sorry 2001, please forgive me.

Also part of this whole portfolio refresh? Making JodiChromey.com and IWillDare.com look like they came from the same person. Since I don’t blog at jc.com, I send all the blog links over here. Having the two sites look so different made me feel a little multiple-personality disordered.

This new look makes me feel like I’ve finally shrugged off 2003. Not that 2003 was bad. I rather enjoyed it, I think. You could look in the archives if you wanted to check.

By bringing the two sites so close together I think I’ve finally accepted that workjodi and jodiwilldare are one and the same. And more than that, it’s okay to show the world who I am — radical opinions and copious swearing and all that jazz.

It’s taken me a long time, nine years I suppose, to get here.

When I worked at Hell, Inc. I lived in constant of fear of being “discovered.” It was as though I had a secret online life and somehow that was bad. Of course, most of that was in my head. All my damn coworkers read I Will Dare, they just never said anything about it. Minnesota and all that.

It wasn’t until I worked at The Nerdery that I began to see my online activities as an asset and not a liability. If ever a place let you be who you are, it’s The Nerdery and even then I wasn’t completely comfortable with it.

Being who you are is hard. Being who you are all the time in all situations is super hard. It sounds really fucking stupid, but it’s true. You would think with the continuing popularity of social media it would be easier, but that just allows people to construct an even more elaborate artifice to hide behind.

The thing is, everyone can tell when someone is a phony. They’re the ones with the “laser-like” focus on whatever crappy keyword is they want to be. It’s as though they only have one, single interest and that’s all they’re allowed to talk about. What a drag.

Becoming holistic Jodi isn’t the only way I’ve let go of 2003. I also let it go in the way I approached the look of I Will Dare. For the first time ever, I’m not putting full posts on the front page of the blog. This is one of those things that matters only to me because nobody ever visits the homepage except for me and Google’s spiders. Most everyone else either reads this in some sort of feedreader or visits from a link to a single post.

Why I held on to this archaic way of presenting a homepage, I’ll never know. I think I thought someone would complain about readability or selling out or some such bullshit. There are times I forget that this whole site exists solely for my amusement.

So long 2003, hello 2012. Just you wait. As soon as I convince Multi-Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios to sponsor this shit I’ll be fully up to date. (Yes, I’ve given up on selling out to Nutter Butters because they just refuse to take the bait, and by bait I mean occasionally mentioning in a post how damn much I want be sponsored by Nutter Butters.)

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  1. fowlguy 10.May.12 at 6:22 am

    love your stuff

  2. fowlguy 10.May.12 at 6:24 am

    love your blog

  3. Tam 12.May.12 at 7:05 am

    I still love the fact that you featured a Lamy Safari pen in your header!


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