How I’ve been ruined by Joshua Furst


“I read that because I heard you were going to be here,” Joshua Furst the author of the absolutely wonderful (and challenging in a good way all books should challenge you) The Sabotage Cafe said.
“Where’d you hear that?” I asked because I should not be allowed to talk to total strangers.
“Oh,” he smiled. “From my constant self-Googling.”
“Sweet!” Because the rude question was not evidence enough of why I should not be let out in public with actual people, I had to repeat the idiotic word that I use entirely more than is appropriate.

Yeah. How rad is that?

The funny thing is, when he started reading that part of the novel, during the actual reading my face split in two with the biggest grin ever. I am sure he saw me in the audience with my giant, shiny pumpkin face beaming like a an FFA kid winning a blue ribbon for his prize sheep.

It was great.

For those who have not yet had the good fortune to read The Sabotage Cafe, people keep calling it a novel about the Minneapolis punk scene. While, if you have to sum up the book in a sentence, that summary works, but it is really about way, way more than that.

In the book, there’s an imaginary band called Nobody’s Fool that is based on The Replacements. Yeah. How rad is that? And the part that Furst read for me was the scene where one of the characters goes on and on about how Nobody’s Fool were the only band that really mattered. Mmmhmm.


But here’s the thing. Furst saying that to me before he signed my book wasn’t even the coolest part of the evening. Oh no.

The coolest part of the evening (after a very junior high exchange that involved a few ‘no you asks’ from me, Jags, her husband Walker Weede, and Peabo) was when Joshua and his posse joined us for a drink and a bite to eat over at Grumpy’s.

And this is how Joshua Furst ruined me. Because when he joined our table up on the stage he turned to me and said, “Now I can answer your questions about the ending.”

Yeah. How rad is that?

We had a brief, albeit glorious, discussion about the book (which I will tell you about later), which is how I got ruined. Because now I want every single author of all the books I read to come sit with me at Grumpy’s and talk about their books.

The only thing that sucks (as if anything could suck about a night that left me and Peabo shouting all the way home ‘That was so awesome!’) is that I forgot to ask him about why he choose the point of view that he choose. Damn.

So yeah, How rad was that?

P.S. Go read Furst’s kickass Largehearted Boy Book Notes essay which is what totally captured my attention and made me buy the book immediately after finishing the essay.

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  1. Peabo 21.Sep.07 at 1:15 pm

    I loved last night. I want to marry it.

    He said “self-googling” by the way. It’s that pesky ear for dialogue I have 😉

  2. Jodi 21.Sep.07 at 1:18 pm

    Fixed! I think I might have gone a little deaf after the ‘I heard you were gonna be here’ part.


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