How young are you?

“Woah,” Nolan said. “What is that?” He was sitting in the front seat of Ruby, and we were zooming down the backroads headed back to his house. Liam was in the back cradling the KitKat bar he had picked out at the grocery store.
“Why?” I asked. A huge smile split my face in two. I had been compulsively shuffling through the songs on the 12 CDs in the disc changer.

A few weeks ago Cade had discovered the CD holder in Ruby’s extended cab. It was filled with old mix CDs I had burned nearly ten years ago. Aside from obvious all-time favorites — Soul Coughing, The ‘Mats, Liz Phair — the CDs are a perfect time capsule of 2001-2002.

I was rifling through The ‘Mats disc, thinking how I must have been kind of maudlin when I burned the disc. I had just flitted past “Achin’ to Be,” “Here Comes a Regular,” and “If Only You Were Lonely.”

It was the jangly opening bit of “I Will Dare” that had caught Nolan’s attention.

“This is really cool,” he said.
“It’s the best rock and roll song ever,” I said.
“Ever?” he asked.
“Even better than Michael Jackson?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said.
“Nothing is better than Michael Jackson,” Liam said. He stopped and listened to “I Will Dare” for a few moments. He sighed. “This isn’t even as good as The Shaving Cream song.”

I made him walk home.

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  1. Doug 02.Sep.11 at 12:19 am

    How dumb am I?


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