For fat kids, it will never get better

“Ellen” this morning was a rerun. First Lady Michelle Obama was on talking about her anti-obesity platform and something about military families. While Michelle and Ellen bantered, the First Lady commended Ellen about her work with the It Gets Better project. The two women talked about bullying and how awful it is and how we need to be kinder and more tolerant to each other regardless of race or sexuality.

In my head I remarked, “yeah, except if you’re a fat kid.” Because if you’re fat it never gets better. The only way it will ever get better is if you can morph your body into a size deemed socially acceptable. If you are a fat kid who grows up to be a fat adult the bullying (and make no mistake we fat kids were bullied) and the teasing and the taunts and the intolerance will never stop. Let me repeat that, it never stops.

Witness this, that just flitted across Twitter a few minutes ago. I don’t follow either of these comedians, but I did follow a person who retweeted this.

It. Never. Gets. Better.

Fat people are the last group of people that can be hated and ridiculed with reckless abandon and encouragement from others. It’s funny and fine to pick on fat people (seriously, just watch an episode of Conan). However if you were to replace any other group into the tweets above or in any of Conan’s jokes, they go from funny fat jokes to offensive/racist/anti-Semitic/homophobic. Hating on the fat people though? That’s totally cool.

There is no sensitivity when it comes to fat people. While it’s a-okay to “born this way” when it comes to just about anything else in our lives, it doesn’t count when it comes to fat. It doesn’t matter why they’re fat or how they got fat, all that matters is that they are fat and therefore they are fair game.

Never gets better.

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  1. Kristin 29.Aug.11 at 4:11 pm

    You are soooo spot-on. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Natalie L. 29.Aug.11 at 6:27 pm

    Nope, it really doesn’t. I’ve been involve in fat acceptance in one way or another for over a decade now and really, the rhetoric and body-shaming is just much, much, much worse now than it was in 1998 (when I first started thinking about how dieting was bullshit–coincidentally, that was the first year I went to Weight Watchers, too).

  3. Stoich91 29.Aug.11 at 7:02 pm

    You have very insightful thoughts on this topic! I think that as long as you are healthy (and confident!) you should not let comments like that eat you away. Although teasing people about their weight is downright CRUEL, skinny people are also often critiqued and told that they have lost too much weight or asked if they are anorexic/bulimic while they really eat healthy and have a high metabolism. Point in case: It’s never right to tease and people need to mind their own business, but it’s also good to keep your head held high AS LONG AS you take your health seriously. No matter which way you look at it one’s health (and weight) is never a joking matter. Write on! 😉

  4. neimi 30.Aug.11 at 1:56 am

    I wonder if it’s ok to bully or laugh at dumb people?

  5. Doug 02.Sep.11 at 12:23 am

    Um… perhaps the fat kids need to be gay?

    Yeah, I tried following Mr. Wilson and Mr. Black for a while, but then I grasped: they’re really not that funny. Glad I dropped them long before this risible exchange.

  6. Liana Brooks 12.Sep.11 at 8:34 pm

    There are quite a few groups it’s still socially acceptable to bash: mothers, women, stay-at-home-parents, mainstream Christians, anyone from a quiet or pacifistic religion, anyone who disagrees with what your audience believes…

    The hate is alive and well. Sadly, the anti-bullying classes that are being pushed aren’t anti-bullying in many cases, they’re simply a new form of indoctrination. Instead of teaching children to accept all difference they focus on one thing (race or gender preference) and tell children not to hate that. Kids are literal. If you tell them not to pick on the kids with green eyes that won’t stop them from picking on the kids with blue eyes.

    It’s rather more effective to tell the children to not use hurtful language (fat is a word that gets you in trouble in our house, stupid and ugly are also on the list) and to accept differences.

  7. Mark 22.Nov.11 at 10:01 am

    Bullying only gets worse once you leave school. Adults are ten times worse than children when it comes to bullying. They will pick on you for just about anything. Being poor, obese, having a old car, not having a college degree, not having a girlfriend or boyfriend, not believing in god, etc. The list goes on and on.

    The problem is, adults don’t care when other adults get their feelings hurt. They will tell you to “suck it up, pussy”.


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