Ben Greenman + Paul Westerberg = Bliss

“Hi,” I said, and slid my copy of What He’s Poised to Do toward Ben Greenman. “Nice Replacements’ quote.” (The epigraph to his book is the line “I’ll write you a letter tomorrow. Tonight I can’t hold a pen.” from Can’t Hardly Wait)
“Yeah,” he said. “I’ve been waiting years to use it.”
“I’m Jodi,” I said.
“I already know who you are. I knew you were coming” he said. “And I know how tall you are. 6’5″.”
“Ahh, you read the blog?” I asked.
“Yeah, you said something about coming to the reading.”
“That’s so weird, isn’t it?” I asked.

We then went on to talk about The Replacements, Westerberg’s basement recordings, the fact that hell will freeze over before Bob Mould and Grant Hart will reunite for a Husker Du concert, Karl Mueller, that Rock & Roll class I took a few summers ago, and how his kids are really into listening to “Shooting Dirty Pool” and (I think) “Red Red Wine.”

“I’m sure someday soon we’ll land on “World Class Fad,” he said. “They’ll probably go through all of it.”
“The teen years will be filled with “Fuck School” and all of “Sorry Ma,” I said.
“For sure,” he said. “And just like the rest of us, they’ll end up with. . . Grandpaboy.”

If I could have managed to kiss him in a way that was at all appropriate, I totally would have.

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  1. david 24.Jun.10 at 6:27 am

    Ben’s books are so clever and well-written, I am always surprised that he isn’t better received both critically and commercially (of course, I could be biased, he is one of LHB’s most frequent author contributors).


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