4 reasons this picture makes me happy

  1. I spent a lot of this morning moaning to Christa about the ‘Februaryness’ of August and how it’s that time of the season where I hate everything I like (books, music, food) and am generally bored and cranky with everything. This video and the picture I made of it reminds me that there are some things I like that I still love.
  2. In case you don’t know, that’s Bob Mould he’s in the AV Club’s Undercover room, and he’s just about to start covering Sugar’s “If I Can’t Change Your Mind.” I have a great deal of pent up affection for Mr. Mould even though I thought his autobio was a bit of a snooze. His music, in many of its incarnations (Husker Du, Sugar, solo) reminds me of the people I love most in the world and times that make me smile. I loved the album “Copper Blue” so much that I named one of my very favorite cars (the 1979 Chrysler Newport) Sugar in homage.
  3. “If I Can’t Change Your Mind” is my favorite song that Bob Mould has written and seeing him ‘cover’ it is pretty rad.
  4. If you look carefully you can see the words “I Will Dare” scrawled above his left shoulder. It was from when Mates of State covered The Replacements’ “I Will Dare.” I would not recommend listening to that cover, it is not good. In fact, it is really bad. No, it’s an abomination. But I still like seeing those words written above Bob’s shoulder because, well, Duh. Of course I like seeing I Will Dare out in the wild.

Bob Mould “covers” Sugar

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  1. anaximander 05.Aug.11 at 8:53 pm

    I hate to mention this – I’ve been a lurker for over 10 years – but for the last little bit (a couple of months?), when I’ve been at your site for more than about two minutes, my firewall pops up, informing me that an exe with a random string of numbers is attempting to contact the internet. It only ever happens on this site, and each time I go into the temp folder and delete the offending exe, but the next time, there’s a new one (with a different number.) I’m wondering if, perhaps, all of your security and such is up to date? (Like I said, I hate to bring this to your attention, but I’d hate for something nasty to have lurked onto your computer, too)….


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