i kissed the buddha and made him cry

today is one of those days where if it wasn’t so incredibly rude beyond words, i would not take my headphones off for any one. i would just stare up at them with big dark-circled eyes and a blank face. the combination of lack of sleep and complete work freaking outness has left me totally unfriendly.

in fact, i feel as though my only friends today are Matthew Sweet, Grandpaboy, and Liz Phair. That’s because my holy-shit i got to write and get it done right this very second i have no time for singing along and chair dancing and reminscing recrods are “100% Fun,” “Mono,” and “Whip-Smart.” these are the albums i know so well that it’s like they were recorded in my body, so much a part of me that it distracts the ADD part of my brain, allowing the thinking part to get work done.

i’m sure there are other albums. i just can’t seem to think of them right now.

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