Ten of my favorite songs of the past 10 years

After a momentary set back yesterday (I woke up on the bitchy, unpleaseable side of the bed that was best served by not spewing rancid bile around the Internet. Lucky for you, I sent a lot of it to Christa in an e-mail so I’m back to being fucking perky).

Last time I shared with you my spur-of-the-moment, not-too-thought-out list of my ten favorite books since I Will Dare started in 2000. Today, I’m gonna talk about music.

You’ll be happy to know that roughly 1/2 of this list will be pseudo scientific. Yes, science. But how, Jodi? You’re probably be asking. Easy, I say, because since 2005 I’ve been keeping track of the songs I listen to most in iTunes.

Unlike the book list, I’m not going to stick to music released since 2000 even though it would make me look much hipper and more informed. A lot of these are making the cut because they can bring me back to the time when I loved them so much, and all those times happened between today and when I Will Dare was started.

Dear Chicago, Ryan Adams: I spent a good chunk of 2001-2002 obsessed with Ryan Adams. I think it was his Paul Westerberg pose that I found so attractive. Plus, Dear Chicago’s just an awesome song.

Thirteen, Big Star/Save it for a Rainy Day, The Jayhawks: 2002-2003 was full of romantic highs and lows. These two songs characterize that so well. I still wince a little at my own naivety whenever I hear Alex Chilton sing “Would you be an outlaw for my love.”

To Destruction, Delorean: Another year, another broken heart. How lame is some of this brokenhearted bullshit?

Me & Mia, Ted Leo + The Pharmacists (most listened to 2005): It seems like a million years ago already, but Ted Leo rocked my world when I first heard him. I remember Wolfdogg and I at First Ave feeling about a hundred years old when Ted Leo busted into a cover of Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” and the crowed went totally mild, except for us.

Why Independent Record Stores Fail, Marah (most listened to 2006): This is the song all girls who love music geeks want sung to them by a music geek. “You’re kinda like T-Rex meets The Jam.”

I Just Want the Girl in the Blue Dress (to Keep on Dancing), Mike Doughty (most listened to 2007): Remember my Mike Doughty fetish? It has waned in recent years, probably starting with the album this song appears on “Golden Delicious.” This song, however, got me through a very rough year. My family feel apart and is still suffering the repercussions of what happened in 2007.

Mockingbird, Carly Simon (most listened to 2008): I cannot explain this. I think I just like the kinda call and response thing going on here.

Kick Drum Heart, The Avett Brothers (most listened to 2009): The Avett Brothers came along and stole my heart when I was pretty sure that it was dead to new music. Seriously, the #2 most listened to song in 2009 was Jackson Browne’s “Doctor My Eyes.” But man, if you don’t have The Avett Brothers’ I and Love and You album, you’re missing out.

King of Spain, The Tallest Man on Earth (most listened to thus far in 2010): Because I’m so tall, I’m automatically drawn to anything that says anything about tallness or giants. I took a gamble on this dude just because of the name Tallest Man on Earth. He’s some Scandinavian guy (I think). My friend Wolfdogg helpfully pointed out that I have a penchant for Scandinavian dudes who write pop songs (see: Jens Lekman and Sondre Lerche). I hadn’t noticed, but he’s on to something. Also, you should know, #2 so far this year is Alvin and the Chipmunks’ cover of “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” thanks to The Tibbles.

I would like someone to notice that there’s not a single Paul Westerberg or The Replacements’ song on this list. Aren’t you proud?

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