stand in the light, stand in the light, stand in the light

when you’re kinda freaked out that it might snow and you have to drive in it
when you’re kinda upset with yourself for being such a freak about the snow
when the left side of your throat is really hurty for reasons you can’t explain
when you burn your tongue on the hot tea you’re drinking to help with the hurty throat
when all these things happen and it makes you just not as happy as you should be considering that tonight is class and that means you get to hang with kelly and the vodo

well the one thing that will surely make everything so much better is to have Mike Doughty’s song “Your Misfortune” suddenly, randomly appear on Kathleen Turner Overdrive. god this song makes me mushy in all the ways that are good and true.

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  1. kelly 16.Feb.06 at 11:31 am

    Bad news is I might not make it to class tonight. I was hoping to be able to go home early today because I’m so sick I can hardly stand up, and now I have to sub during the last hour of the day. So now I’m crying and I’m so sick I can hardly stand up.
    But I don’t know if I’ll be there tonight. If not, give Salinger the evil eye for me. Four times.

  2. jodi 16.Feb.06 at 1:02 pm

    oh man! that blows. but if you’re sick you should keep your germy germs at home. i’ll take extra notes and give a full report.


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