A few things about some things, a pointless list

  • I’m taking an Innovative Fiction class at The Loft tomorrow. I’m mostly looking forward to it. Only mostly, because lately I’ve been Lofty McLoftloft. Class last Tuesday, Comicbook and Graphic Novel Conference last weekend*, Class Tuesday, Ben Greenman reading Wednesday*, and now Innovative Fiction. I love The Loft and all, but this is a little bit ridiculous.
  • For reasons that are kind of mysterious Supergenius HQ has become the home of not one, not two, but FOUR iPods and one iPhone (and an iPhone 4 on the way*). For even more mysterious reasons my old, old iPod Eurydice mysteriously came back to life. However it seems that my old, old, old iPod Kathleen Turner Overdrive is dead for real.
  • I saw Toy Story 3 today with Jaycie, Max, Sister #2 & #4, and The Tibbles. It was an awesome kind of chaos. Also, the movie made me bawl my head off. Also, I would really like some sort of Jesse the Cowgirl toy and/or Mr. Pricklepants toy.
  • So did I ever tell you how I had someone from Etsy make me a Ramona Flowers’ bag? (you know I am totally obsessed with Scott Pilgrim, don’t you?) Well I got the bag today and it was so full of suck that a vortex opened up in the middle of the Supergenius HQ living room pulling in everything that is good and pure in the world and then popped on it. It is awful. The kind of awful that should not be allowed in the world. Also, I told the woman who made it that I’m 6’5″ and need a crazy-long adjustable strap, at least 50 inches. I told her that. In actual words. The strap on this piece of garbage is so short that not even Jaycie could use it as a shoulder bag. Boo.
  • I met a woman this week who was shocked that I run MN Reads out of my house. She was pretty sure that it was an MPR or NEA funded shindig with an actual building. She was so cute I wanted to scoop her up and take her home.
  • On Tuesday I went to Grumpy’s with Snickers and two of his twenty-five-year-old buddies. They were so earnest and adorable that I told Christa they made me want to sit in a lawnchair in my yard wearing a bathrobe, drinking gin, smoking cigarettes, and shaking my rake at passersby.
  • One of the woman that I’m working with on a web project actually said today, and I quote, “Wow, you’re busy. Do you ever stay a home.” I laughed so hard I nearly cried. I told her I make up for summer busyness by never leaving my house in from January to April.
  • That is all.

*These are things that I will write about later when I have the brain capacity to form coherent thoughts.

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