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all over but the shouting

Okay, I haven’t finished the book yet, but I gotta give some mad props to Jim Walsh for The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting.

You’re probably thinking, “oh, oh, Jodi’s giving mad props to Jim Walsh whom she loooovvvesss. Zzzzzzz.”

No. Seriously. All Over But the Shouting is really fucking good. Which is the highest praise I can think to give any form of writing. I gotta be honest darling ones, I did not hold out much hope for the book. I knew it wasn’t going to be the normal sort of biography of the band. The book’s subtitled “An Oral History.” Plus, I was tapped to give some oral (heh).

I don’t deal well with rock and roll interview style stories. I don’t read music magazines. I hated Chuck Klosterman IV (a lot of which is rock and roll pieces). So I was worried. I had tried earlier this year to suffer through a book about Modest Mouse, a band whose music I enjoy, and couldn’t do it. I don’t care about the lives of rockstars.

So I was leery going into this whole reading adventure. Boy, have I been stunningly, amazingly, delightfully surprised.

What Walsh has managed to do is take the words of the ‘Mats, Jesperson, other scenesters, fans, music critics, etc. and craft a narrative from their words. Holy shit! It’s awesome. You get all this insight from different people involved in the whole Replacements phenomenon and at the same time a linear story complete with complex characters, rising tension, tragedy. It’s so damn good it gives me the shivers.

That’s all I am going to say about it now until I finish. Yes, it’s taking me for-fucking-ever, because I have to take a lot of breaks from the page to sing a song to myself or reminisce about something.

Y’all should read this book. Everyone from the Twin Cities should read the book for sure and most all rock and roll fans should too.

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  • Beezer Hill

    05.Nov.07 at 7:56 am

    I’ll have to agree on the fabness of this read…I got my copy 3 days ago and I finished it this morning…I like books like this that talks to the people who were there and watched the little train that couldn’t go from crawling to walking then running off a cliff! Big props to Mr.Walsh and all involved. Read this book!


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