Nagging works

For a long time I’ve been longing for a good place to go to get good musical recommendations. And more than recommendations I wanted someone/something to offer advice. As you may remember, I have lost a lot of faith in music bloggers playing that role. I’ve come to terms with the what they’re doing as like a blogging genre, and it’s just not what I’m looking for.

What I was looking for is a a place I could go and say, “hey, I’ve been jonesing for some music that’s like a gruffer, not so produced-feeling Josh Ritteresque type of thing.” And then the wise person behind the curtain would go, “ahem, hrrm, hmmm. . . based on my calculations and the fact that the moon is in the seventh house and the dew point is at 83, you should go listen to The Tallest Man on Earth.” And I would lay alms at the alter because that’s exactly what I was looking for only I didn’t know it.

Also, I think the world needs a place where you can go “Really? Really? What is the big deal with MGMT. Could you explain please.” And the magician would say, “Well, you see, they do/do not rule because. . . ” and then give a reason why the do or do not rule.

About the time I thought, gee I wish I could find this sort of thing I started nagging @solace to do it. He seems to have a pretty vast knowledge of music old and new and doesn’t have the air of the pedant or fanboy about him. Which, lets face it, when it comes to musicgeeks is kind of hard to avoid.

Now. . . tada! The Dear Solace advice column is a thing. I’m so excited I could, well I would do something if I weren’t fighting my way out of a chicken tikka masala coma. Go forth now darling ones, and ask for advice. You’re welcome.

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