cranky sans pants

the blech of the day followed me home. no amount of dancing without pants helped shake the crank. neither did sitting in the comfy green chair making fun of ice dancers and their head gear. the crank has taken root and left me pouty and searching for something to whine about. i’m currently going through my head looking for real or imagined slights to grasp onto to help justify the crank. i’m not doing so well with the search, which in turn is making me crankier. it’s getting to the point where a girl can’t work up a good crybaby crusade about anything. i need some motherfucking pity and attention here and i can’t seem to trump up a cause for either.

(though i have one small thing that makes me smile. my westernerd pal Zook sent me a song by The Spazzy’s called “Paco doesn’t love me.” ha!)

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  1. NBFB 21.Feb.06 at 11:41 am

    This reminds me of a list of things you can do to be the “funny person” in the office. Lots of which sounded to me like good revenge ideas. One I remember was sneaking into the bosses’, or the bosses boss’s, office, grab their pen, and put it up your butt.

    Later when you see them using it, ask them to smell the pen. Then ask what it smells like. When they say it smells like shit, you cackle like a crazy person and say, “that’s because it’s been in my ass, you cock sore.”

    You should do that.

  2. dweebie 21.Feb.06 at 3:09 pm

    Hey, I’m going to watch Crybaby, the John Waters, Johnny Dep one, so that would get a good Crybaby Crusade going. Our library rocks, I get to watch it for free on dvd.


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