The trouble with Beetles (and The Beatles)

At the age of four, Liam has decided he is not afraid of The Beatles’ Bear. The Beatles’ Bear had been living under my sink since that picture was taken in 2005. This morning when he arrived at Supergenius HQ, Liam announced he was no longer afraid of the bear and would very much like to hear it sing.

We’d been listening to “All My Loving” for about 30 minutes straight, and Liam decided he’s obsessed with The Beatles.

“What do The Beatles look like?” He asked.
I Googled up some pictures. “That’s what The Beatles look like.”
“Hmm,” he said, a little puzzled. “I thought they would look like ants.”
“Well beetles the bugs look like ants kind of. The Beatles look like these guys.”
“Oh,” he said. “They’re kind of silly. Where do they live?”
“Well, two of them are dead now.”
“They’re really old,” I said. “They were around when grandma was a kid.”

Later, after another 48 renditions of “All My Loving” as sung by a stuffed bear, the Tibbles were playing outside. We have a rule where they have to play where they can hear me and be in the house by the count of ten if I call them. It works for us.

At one point Nolan came running in, kind of whiny and scared.
“What side is this?” he asked, waving his left hand in front of me. “Left or right?”
“Your left.”
“An orange beetle landed on my left neck and it scared me.”
“Yes. I screamed and brushed it away.” Nolan reenacted the events.
“Did it bite you?” I asked.
“So what are you upset about?”
“He was really mean to me.”

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  1. shokkou 23.Apr.09 at 11:05 pm

    Thank goodness. Pepperland restored. At times i worry that, in the future, there will be nobody left to love The Beatles. What kind of world would that be? Tragic, no doubt.


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